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How Often Should You water Your Mittleider Garden?

Here’s the question. I was reading the message about watering tomatoes, and I’m confused. I thought that tomatoes needed deep mittleider gardening method┬áless often. I’ve only been watering twice weekly, but really deep. To date it seems to be working pretty well, but then again it hasn’t been all that hot (low to mid 80’s most days). So should I be watering every single day? And if so, should I be watering everything every single day or simply tomatoes? Exist vegetables that require watering less often?

Traditional watering is for deep watering once a week or thereabouts. I think – at least in the West – that it originated with the irrigation turns that were every 7 or 8 days.

Remember that people are doing “The Poor Man’s Hydroponic Method”, and that hydroponic growers obtain about 10 times the yield that a good tractor farmer gets.


Remember (or learn) that hydroponic growers water something such as every 15 minutes, and the fertilizer is in the water! So just consider the yield you would like and water accordingly.

Plants need water at the basis zone most of the time. If the bottom dries out the plant will spend energy sending its roots further into the bottom following a water. We want the plant using its energy growing fruit.

We recommend you do not let the soil surface dry out, which may even require watering more regularly than once each day on scorching days.

An interesting observation about the total amount of water required with this approach of mittleider gardening method: People within Armenia water by flood irrigation, and not so often. Our neighbor may be the Village Water Master in 2010, and when he saw our watering procedures he was amazed! He’s informed the entire village not to deny us water anytime we want it, because we use so little. he explained “you can even water with a few buckets!”, and another time he explained something such as “You’re only employing a drinking glass!